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Program Manager Internship

Behavioral Learning Center’s Program Manager Internship offers an opportunity for those who are in the process of obtaining their BCBA certification and are within at least six months of completing courses for their MA, to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to advance to become a Program Manager/Supervisor. The program is 12 months in duration in which each candidate will meet monthly in a group setting for 1.5 hours to acquire and discuss aspects of the position, including administrative and clinical duties and requirements. Each meeting concludes with an assignment to be completed throughout the month with opportunities to meet with their assigned mentor (BCBA).

Candidate’s progress within the program will be monitored throughout the year to determine acquisition and readiness to hold their own case load. Once the candidate completes the program, they will be assigned case(s) and continue to receive support for the first 90 days under the supervision of the PMI Supervisor and will be transitioned to a full time senior supervisor thereafter. To apply, candidates must be an employee of BLC, Inc. for at least six months, be in good standing with the company both clinically and administratively, submit two recommendation forms from current supervisors and successfully complete the interview process.