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Applied Behavior Analysis throughout
the Santa Clarita, Antelope, and San Fernando Valleys

We at the Behavioral Learning Center specialize in providing in-home applied behavior analysis services for individuals with special needs. We offer services that are empirically researched, evidence based and data driven in all of our offices in San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, Calabasas and Santa Clarita. Our applied behavior analysis is always socially significant, outcome based, effective, ethical and professional.

Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (IABA) is an intensive and structured, one to one intervention that focuses on remediating maladaptive and excess behavioral challenges as well as teaching critical and functional skills. Working in partnership with families and caregivers, the program identifies skill deficits interfering with the acquisition of more socially acceptable responses and reduces factors potentially contributing to the maintenance of undesired behaviors.

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

Utilizing the concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) such as shaping, prompting, extinction, and differential reinforcement, the goal of an intensive ABA program is to address skill deficits and teach more socially appropriate replacement behaviors. Unlike a discrete trial training (DTT) program, the goals and activities practiced in this program will not necessarily be implemented in a strict, repetitious drill-based format. Individual programs are person centered, designed to meet the objectives stated in the individual Personal Plan (IPP) and current behavior challenges. The process begins with a comprehensive functional behavior assessment and families and/or caregivers participate in setting goals that fit their individual structure while meeting the needs for successful change.

IABA services are appropriate for individuals of any age and any diagnosis, where significant behavioral challenges impede learning, the ability to access the environment, and develop meaningful relationships. Please contact Behavioral Learning Center for more information regarding IABA and other services we offered.