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Youth Community

Youth Community (YC) is an enrichment program that empowers our young generation with skills to navigate social situations using appropriate tools, resulting in successful relationships with others. Lessons provide our students with “core skills”, desired traits that are needed to progress in a school environment, which will additionally improve social-emotional success. Core skills, also known as “soft skills”, are specific characteristics (making friends, sportsmanship, active listening, cooperation, etc.) needed to learn, work and play in today’s world.

Youth Community is currently running after-school enrichment programs in the Las Virgenes School District. Additionally, Youth Community has the ability to offer mental health awareness workshops in junior high and middle schools in order to provide students an education on the effects of mental health and how to manage their concerns.

YC Group Structure

Youth Community group facilitators focus on a “play style” of learning. Lessons are taught in a fun manner and practiced using games and activities. Students can take the skills learned to the playground or into their community to help strengthen and build relationships with their peers. Parents are provided with detailed lesson summaries so that skills learned can be practiced in the home setting as well.

Throughout the hour-long group instruction, students are highly engaged in learning by earning “points” for participation and practicing learned skills. Points earned are used during the last session of the series, also known as Carnival Day. Carnival Day allows the kids to play, practice the skills learned, buy prizes with points, and celebrate their progress.

Programs offered:

Youth Community currently operates on school campus through the Boys and Girls Club enrichment program. We are pleased to also offer the option of Private Pay (center-based and/or community-based) services as needed. This is an excellent option for hosting a fun and engaging playgroup.

We are committed on expanding our services the West Valley, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and beyond. Please contact us about bringing this valuable service to the families in your community.

Contact information

Amie Barker
Youth Community Coordinator
(661) 289-2678

Social media

Keep up to date with Youth Community’s latest news and events by following us on Instagram! @youthcommunity.blc

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Series Content

Youth Community’s curriculums are identified as different series that focus on specific topics related to elementary and middle school students. Each curriculum series is typically 8 weeks long with a new skill introduced each week by our facilitators.

Currently offered series include:

  • Friendship Brigade
    - Making friends and building relationships
  • Count Me In
    - Initiating play and inclusion
  • Bully Busters
    - Identifying bullying and appropriate assertiveness
  • Game On
    - Sportsmanship and following game rules
  • Big Picture
    - Confidence building and leadership
  • Staying Connected
    - Social media awareness and appropriate use
  • Transitions
    - Supports children transitioning from elementary to middle school
  • Courage Crunch
    - Focused on bravery, leadership and courage in adversity

We are focused on developing relevant material to support the youth in our community. Below are curriculums which will be developed and introduced in future sessions:

  • Planet Savers
    - Reduce, reuse & recycle
  • Mindfulness
    - Stress reduction and being present in the moment
  • In A Pickle
    - Conflict resolution
  • Mental Health Awareness
    - Focused on issues for 4th-6th grade elementary and middle school students
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